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Burglar-proof class: 4


Glass assembled with insulation air space, total thickness 36.4 mm.
Exterior side: 16 mm reinforced security glass to protect against vandalism and burglaries, type SECURŪ 16 ISOCLIMA Class EN 356 P6B (resistance to manual attack) - Class EN 1063 BR1 (resistance to bullets).
Insulation air space: 14 mm perimeter channel containing 90% ARGON GAS.
Interior side: glass protecting against the accidental fall of persons, type 3.3 low emissive Class EN 12600 2B2 thickness 6.4 mm.
Inserted into the window with double perimeter seal (one on the interior side, one on the exterior side) and sealed with silicon.
Heat transmission (Ug value) 1.1 W/m2° K.

Corner cross-section

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